The Board Members of ACHI WSWA


President, Founder Rev. Dr. Juanita Fletcher


Described as a gifted visionary, Dr. Juanita Fletcher has been commended for her adept ability to look past the problems of today, straight into the possibilities of tomorrow.  As a serial entrepreneur, Dr. Fletcher has launched and sold several companies throughout her years starting with Available Insurance Agency which she launched in 1997 and sold to Nationwide Insurance in 2002. Today Dr. Fletcher not only oversees day to day operations as the Editor in Chief of ACHI Magazine, a digital publication, but she is also the director of the charity ACHI Women Supporting Women Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization comprised of accomplished women, dedicated to supporting educational programs, mentorships and the necessary resources to empower the next generation of women.


Dr. Fletcher also has an extensive education. In 2003, Dr. Fletcher returned to school at the age of thirty-five.  Today she holds a BA of Christian Leadership from Tidewater Bible College (2007); a Master of Divinity from Virginia Union University’s School of Theology (2010); a Master of Arts in Management and Leadership from Liberty University’s School of Business (2010); and a Doctorate from Regent University’s School of Business and Leadership (2014). Dr. Fletcher accepted her calling into the ministry on April 22, 2017 and was ordained an elder by Bishop Jean Wilson of JWMI Ministries.


In addition to her business, education and ministry aspirations, Dr. Fletcher is the author of Standing at the Helm: Leadership Development for the Entrepreneur, published in 2014 and a national gospel recording artist with three recorded projects to her credit; Surrender (2000), Free to be Me (2004) and Turning Point (2006). Her recordings can be found on outlets such as Amazon.com and Itunes. Dr. Fletcher recently relocated to the Atlanta area with her husband and two adult daughters to take advantage of the opportunities a larger territory offers.

Senior Vice President, Taneisha Fletcher


Taneisha Fletcher (alias NeizhaB) is an entrepreneur, Fashion photographer, Creative director and Fashion Editor for ACHI Magazine – (ACHI "For Women That Want It All") is a Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine that Empowers and Inspires All Women of All Walks! (empower the rich, inspire the poor - or Vice Versa).


In addition to filling these roles for the digital magazine, Taneisha oversees the website, social media sites, and all of the graphic work for the magazine. At the age of only 12 years old, she found a strong interest in photography. By 16 she received her first professional camera where she expanded her portfolio, won school competitions and later ventured into video. She went on to sell her very first professional photograph in the 11th grade, to the Suffolk Arts Museum in Virginia. The same year Taneisha won a $1000 scholarship in 2009 for her photography skills, to put towards her tuition at The Art Institute of Washington, DC. Happily surprised by the success of her businesses, Taneisha made the bold but promising decision to leave school and focus her efforts on her work. Taneisha has worked as the Vice President of GHME Productions, Inc. for 4 years before closing the doors. GHME was the first company she and her mother, Dr. Juanita Fletcher started together. In September 2013, they embarked on another journey with the magazine where she’s the Creative Director and Photographer. Since the realization of her abilities and the expansion of her brand as a photographer and now videographer, she was asked by a few directors at Cox Communications to join their team. Because of her skill set has been working with Cox Communications, the local television station Cox 11, where she films, edits TV Shows.


Taneisha has been working as a professional photographer 9 years now and a videographer for . Taneisha has found great success in all of these businesses and has proven herself as a reliably hard worker and entrepreneur.

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Vice President, Natasha Fletcher


Natasha Fletcher grew up in Chesapeake Virginia where she enlisted in the United States Navy. She served 5 years honorably, 3 of which were overseas in Yokosuka Japan. She then transferred to San Diego, California to finish her service time. After separating from the armed forces she went on to continue her education at California State University, majoring in Environmental Science and Resource management while minoring in economics. “I have always had a deep and sincere passion to give back to the people and our world.”


Now as the Secretary of the board for ACHI Women Supporting Women Association she plans to continue to give back by spreading the power of education. She feels that understanding the positive externalities of an educated society is key to a better world for our future generations and with women as the backbone, knows we will create a movement in the right direction.

Chief Operating Officer, James Fletcher


Thirty-three years of proven experience in ship repair leadership. He has twenty-two years of supervisory experience leading crews of up to 200 staff members. Possess strong skills in communication, strategic thinking, team motivation, team building, organizing, training, directing and managing.

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Executive Director, Kimberly Tetterton


When Kimberly left home to attend college at UNCG in Greensboro, North Carolina, she went with the confidence along with her dependability on divine strength and guidance. She knew that she would succeed in what she was destined to accomplish.

    Kimberly graduated from college in 1997 with a BA degree in Information Systems and Operations Management and immediately entered into the corporate world. Kimberly has over twenty-five years of software programming experience in accounting and public safety industry.

Provision for her spiritual and material welfare (knowledge and wisdom) awaited her as she stepped out on her own to walk into her destiny. Humility in spirit has become her greatest asset.

    Kimberly has always been unlimited in her consideration of helping others. She demonstrates her potentials of achievements by working to inspire and motivate others. She works joyfully and diligently whenever and whatever she is called to do. She volunteers her time so that it will benefit others. Kimberly has worked as a volunteer in many capacities including her service with the Guilford County  Sheriff Departments Volunteer in Police Service Program.

  With all of her attributes, her motto, which is,”Too Gifted by Kimberly” was birthed. She is a Wilton Certified Cake Decorating Instructor. She received her professional certified life coach training and certification from P4 Coaching Institute. She has been promoted from chapter president to Regional Director of the nationally known non-profit organization ACHI WSWA Inc. in which she leads all members across 8 states. This position allows her to use her gifts to inspire, support and lead women to the next level.

    Kimberly was nominated and received the 2016 ACHI Magazine Woman of Inspiration Award. She also received the 2017 ACHI Magazine Volunteer of the Year Award.

  Kimberly services “Too Gifted by Kimberly LLC” includes custom cake designing, event planning and most recently Life Coaching services.

With the tools and resources and her God given gifts, Kimberly will now be able to help others unwrap their own gifts that they never knew they had. Remember, the opportunity still stand for everyone to reach their potentials in life.