ACHI Women Supporting Women Association, Inc.
     ACHI Women Supporting      Women Association, Inc.

Programs & Events

ACHI Women Supporting Women Association sponsors a number of exciting events throughout the year.

ACHI Magazine Awards where we honor the contributions of extraordinary women working in various fields. At this event we celebrate the spirit of womanhood and give encouragement to those women who would follow. The ACHI Magazine Awards 6 city tour will begin in Norfolk, VA on November 6th!
ACHI WSWA "Love Yourself" Womens Conference May 18th - 21st, Atlanta, GA
ACHI Magazine NFDC (National Fashion Designer Competition) is an annual event where talented designers from across the country come together to compete and publicize their garments.  Additionally, young designers compete for a college scholarship.

ACHI Magazine is a product of ACHI WSWA and is used to help support the efforts of the charity.

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