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Interested in starting an ACHI WSWA Chapter In Your Area? Learn how...


Any member in good standing is eligible to petition the ACHI WSWA to start a new local Chapter.


Initial Requirements:

  • A new chapter must be officially commissioned by the Board of Directors of ACHI WSWA.
  • There must be at least seven (7) prospective members to apply for a local or professional chapter charter.
  • All prospective members must be in good standing with the National ACHI WSWA prior to forming the local chapter by paying their National membership dues.
  • Once chapter board members have been chosen, a list of names, and positions must be emailed to Each board member’s profile in the online membership database must be completed enough to include mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, bio’s and headshots.
  • Membership potential within the area must be large enough to sustain leadership and programs.​
  • Board members must attend the annual conference held mid May in Atlanta, GA.

Mandatory Positions (all board members must be a certified member)

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Financial Manager

Non- Mandatory Positions (Recommended)

  • Secretary
  • Members Recruiter & Relations Manager
  • Board Activities & Events Manager

Required within the first six months:

  • Establish a chapter meeting day and time. Usually chapters meet once a month at a time convenient for the majority of the area members.
  • Establish a checking and savings account in the chapter’s name with 3 signers for all withdrawals.



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