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                     Fashion Carnival 2018

This fashion presentation features Caribbean inspired designs by top designers from across the country who will present a wide arrange of bright colors and fabrics straight from the islands. The show opens with a special "Red Carpet" hour and promises to be an amazing night of fashion on an epic level. In addition to an extravagant array of fashion, guests, designers, locals, and models will all be treated to an electrifying, mind-blowing performance by Carnival Dancers. Come enjoy the spectacular designs and all the festivities! 


Hors d'oeuvres and Cocktails Available

                           Red Carpet Host

                                               7 - 8pm

  Luqman Haskett

 Clarissa DeGroat

    Erik Castaño

                           Fashion Team

                                               8 - 10pm

      Ron Cooke

Show Producer



  Makeup by Holly

Makeup Team



     Diana & Wil 

Show Host



               Designers to be announced 

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