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Charlotte, NC Chapter Board


Board President, Valerie Simon


Valerie has been a resident of the State of New Jersey for 8 years and currently lives in Central New Jersey.  Valerie currently works in corporate headquarters as an HR Benefits Specialists for a large company supporting 3500+ employees.  She currently serves as the Event coordinator for Sultry Sistas Organization based in Jersey City, New Jersey.  Valerie is a facilitator and active member of Prison Mom’s Prayer Ministry founded by Pastor Brenda Pittman of Irvington, New Jersey.  She also is a business partner with Surge365 and a travel agent with ProTravel Network.


Valerie served for 9 years as the Community Watch chairperson for Parkside Subdivision. Valerie has also served on the board for the Coalition of Concerned Citizens for African American Children. She has served as the President for the Parent Advocacy Committee for AMW Foundation.  Valerie is a graduate of the City of Raleigh Neighborhood Community Voices Class of 1999.  Valerie was selected to be the recipient for the John Hope Franklin Humanitarian Award for the 3rd Annual Lamp Lighters Award. Valerie also received the Southeast Raleigh Assembly Volunteer award in November of 2007.  Valerie tirelessly solicited equity in community funding from the local government by petitioning the City of Raleigh to invest more.  Valerie also rallied equity in treatment from local policing agencies towards the residents of Southeast Raleigh by encouraging those agencies to patrol the neighborhoods and partner with the citizens to make the areas safer.  Valerie has a desire for her local as well as national government to stimulate social economic development in the community.  She feels this can be accomplished if major businesses invest in their local communities by establishing their companies in the area and investing more in the community outreach programs.  Valerie continues to learn and educate herself and others on how to resolve conflicts within the neighborhoods.  She has a passion to reach out to the community, and let them realize and understand how crime impacts the quality of their life and the lives of others surrounding them.

Chapter Secretary, 

Activities & Events Manager

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