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Richmond Chapter


President, Ellice Darien


Ellice Darien is the owner of ByDarien Skincare and Darien Essentials, her company specializes in honest skincare and empowerment through their independent sales representatives. There are currently representatives in New York, Richmond, Los Angeles, Nashville and Atlanta. She is know for motivating and equipping individuals by providing accountability and strategies and has worked with corporations to use there gifts to Soar to even greater heights. some of the clients has been Worldcom, New Horizons, Elizabeth Claiborne, and Sears. Using her experience as a sales trainer, project coordinator and also nurse has helped Ellice work with ByDarien representatives, entrepreneurs and professionals to help the connect their Vision with a actual functioning plan. Using these methods she has developed in Mid 2017 her book A Mindful Existence will debut which is a Guide to bringing vision and goals into fruition.

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