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Raleigh/Durham Chapter Board


Chapter President, Kimberly Tetterton


Kimberly Tetterton is a software programmer with over 20 years of experience of application development, data management and project management in financial and public safety industry.

As a Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Certified Instructor, Kimberly teaches her students the basics skills of cake decorating. It is her desire to see students add their creativity and passion for baking to skills learned and eventually open their own business or create a new hobby.

She is also owner of her own business, Too Gifted by Kimberly LLC, that provides custom cakes, wedding cakes, and cupcakes for that special occasion.

Kimberly is a member of Mount Zion Baptist Church of Greensboro, NC under the leadership of Pastor Bryan J Pierce Sr.

Kimberly attended University of NC at Greensboro where she majored in Information Systems and Operations Management and currently working toward her PMP certification.  She currently holds the Chapter President position of the ACHI Women Supporting Women Association Raleigh/Durham Chapter where her goal is to strengthen sisterhood. Also Kimberly is currently the Executive Assistant for Running on a Broken Heel LLC, where she helps women heal from their brokenness. She also leads the hospitality team for The Gathering Worship Experience annual conference under the leadership of Pastor Cassandra Elliott. 

Kimberly’s greatest joy is being auntie to her 5 nieces and nephews, big sister to her younger siblings, and proud daughter of her parents. In recent years, she found her purpose of God and been on assignment every since then. To be a woman of Inspiration to other women of different ages, race, and backgrounds. Sharing her knowledge and lessons learned with others not only make a positive change in their lives but also the community and the world.


Chapter Vice President, Tiesha Powell


Tiesha Frontis Powell is a native of Charlotte, NC but relocated to Durham, NC in 1993 to pursue her college education at North Carolina Central University where she graduated with a dual Bachelors in Chemistry and Biology. She believes education is important and is currently pursuing a dual Master’s Degree at Pfeiffer College and will also pursue her Doctorate in Theology. 
She is a woman of purpose, faith and virtue, having persevered through diverse challenges including molestation, promiscuity, addiction, domestic abuse, miscarriage, homelessness, divorce and so much more. She lives to share her story with other women and men, encouraging them that they can make it and they can survive. She is a true testimony of resilience and triumph. Her testimony is so powerful that you can only absorb it by hearing it face to face.  
She works full-time as a Sr. Clinical Research Associate, is the mother of three beautiful children and very active within her church yet none of this keeps her from supporting others in the community. Through Know Your Self Worth and her other endeavors she supports the homeless, impoverished and those who are in transition by providing mentoring, financial resources, clothing, food and shelter. She truly believes in the biblical commandments which direct us to take care of the widows, orphans, and destitute. Lady Tiesha is also the proud owner of Secret Treasure’s Consign and Boutique and The Serenity Closet which provides clothing, toiletries and essential items to those who are homeless and/ or living in a recovery treatment facility.

Through empowerment and education, Lady Tiesha prays and hopes for restoration in the lives of other people. She has held numerous Women’s Empowerment Conferences, support groups, and other events to ensure that people have access to what they need in order to be successful in life. She has been a keynote speaker and inspirational speaker for numerous conferences and events which support women and youth; she has also appeared on several radio shows, while also launching her on radio show KYSW Global Radio through Praise Network Global Media Network in December 2015. Her media savvy does not end with radio, she is also a former Inspirational writer for Simply Elevate Magazine. 

Lady Tiesha is dedicated and committed to Kingdom building, genuine giving, community advocacy, family cohesiveness and healing for broken people. She is a proud member of Unfailing Love Christian Church in Durham under the leadership of Pastor Rose Thomas where she faithfully serves and is active in several ministry capacities.


Activities & Events Manager, Tina Bailey



Tina Bailey has a passion for empowering women to be the best version of themselves.  As a certified Christian Life Coach, author and motivational speaker, she push women to move past their fears and live the life they were created to live - a life of purpose. 

Most of her coaching clients are women who have been in church for years yet religious myths have kept them trapped in a life they aren't happy with. She encourages those women to develop a relationship with God and allow Him to reveal His plan for their life.  She has a natural ability to tear down walls of denial and tap into the true fears and hindrances of these women.

After years of trying to live a “perfect” life, Tina realized there was no such thing as a perfect life. But there is a purpose-filled life. In her book "What You're Hiding is Hindering Your Blessing", she reveals how only a relationship with God can reveal that true purpose.

As a survivor of domestic violence, she serves on the speaker’s bureau for RAINN and InterAct.  She is the founder of Tina Bailey Online, which offers online resources to build confidence and courage in women. Through which, she hosts an annual conference entitled "The HELP Conference" providing a place of honesty, encouragement, loyalty and prayer to all women. She also hosts several events throughout the year to motivate women to empower each other.

Chapter Secretary, 

 Recruiter & Relations Mgr, Jennifer Brown

Although born a Caribbean in ST. Croix, United States Virgin Islands,  Jennifer was raised in a suburb of Chicago from age 3.   After earning a BS in Recreation Management from Chicago State University, Jennifer has worked in the event management industry for the past 8 years.

A Durham resident for only a few years, Jennifer relocated from the Chicago area in August 2013.  Raised in church, Jennifer came to know the Lord as her savior at the tender age of 13, however through life’s changes, she walked away from her first love and returned fully devoted to God in 2012.  

She is a devoted member of One Love Ministries in Durham, NC, where she humbly and graciously serves as the Director of Youth and Leader of the Singles Ministry under the leadership of Pastor John C. Fitzpatrick.  Her love for Christ is infectious and persuasive!  God has blessed Jennifer to provide mentorship and guidance to many young adult women based on the wisdom of the Word and her past experiences.  She has a passion to encourage single Christian adults, as God has given her a very unique testimony.  Jennifer has most recently accepted her calling to the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ and will become a licensed minister in April 2017.  

The work that God has for Jennifer is merely in its commencement stage.  Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard what God has in store for this powerful woman of God!

Financial Manager, Dr. Jay Sabir

I am a very outgoing and ambitious individual who is dedicated to scholastic and scholarly advancement. I currently obtain a Doctorate in Business Management, MBA-Masters in Business Administration and an MSL-Masters in Organizational Change & Leadership. I pride myself in giving back through taking part in the adult educational systems that provide Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate degrees when available. When possible, I help to provide rental properties to candidates that are definitely worthy and just need a chance, but would normally be disapproved due to credit and other unfortunate economical status.  Currently I own a small custom engraving business that provides things such as corporate awards, plaques, trophies, acrylics and promotional/gift giving items.  

As it stands, I have a long history in financial management within the corporate arena. I am happy to be able to bring some of that talent to this sisterhood. I look forward to playing my part in assisting in the growth of this outstanding organization.


Mentoring Program Manager, Kemberly Basnight

Kimberley Basnight, President and CEO of Echos Media Design Agency, is an entrepreneur, innovator, speaker, and mentor. 

Having spent more than two decades working with some of the nation’s top business leaders in Fortune 500 companies, Kimberley ventured into entrepreneurship in order to help businesses and entrepreneurs succeed in the marketplace by leveraging her business transformation, organizational change, program management expertise, and her passion for restructuring and building. 

Echos Media is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, and provides a full

 portfolio of digital media services and solutions such as web design, video production, and strategic marketing services. Kimberley is passionate about “giving back”, and is very involved in philanthropic work impacting both in the US and abroad.

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