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Board President, Carla Carter


Carla Carter is an event and marketing professional, who works with young entrepreneurs and creatives to develop and grow their personal and professional brands. After spending years working with small businesses, Carla has developed an understanding of how to live to passionately and support entrepreneurs and young creatives.


Carla has created a brand around the journey to living a passionate and creative life called The Underserved Heart, where she highlights and explores the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur/ creative and living a passionate life. In addition to her work in marketing and events, Carla is a certified early childhood teacher.

Carla holds a BS in Mass Communications with a concentration in public relations from The University of North Carolina @ Pembroke, and is seeking an MS In Leadership and nonprofit management from Northeastern University.

Board Vice President, 

Chapter Secretary, 

Chapter Financial Manager, 

Activities & Events Manager

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