ACHI Women Supporting Women Association, Inc. 2018 Love Yourself Wome's Conference
     ACHI Women Supporting      Women Association, Inc. 2018 Love Yourself Wome's Conference

                           Richmond Chapter


President, Shonda Harris-Muhammed 


Educator of 22 years. Former School Board Member in Richmond City for four years, a member of WELV, VCTM, NEA and VEA. Founded Northside Coalition for Children, Inc. in 2008 for the purpose of providing free school supplies to children who reside in Richmond, Virginia. Currently a candidate for Doctoral degree from Walden University Masters from Walden University BS from Norfolk State University Married with two awesome children.


Vice President,  Sonja Keeve


Sonja Keeve is an author, inspirational speaker, and entrepreneur. As a wife, mother, mentor and leader in her community, her passions lies in inspiring young ladies and women to fulfil their dreams every day! As a professional in the mortgage industry, she dedicates her time to building strategic relationships with loan officers and clients offering solutions to home ownership. Sonja is the CEO and founder of the Walk in Love 2 Creations where they specialize in clothing apparel for men, women and children. She is also a first time published author in the anthology, Women Inspiring Nations.


Secretary, Adriane Roberts


Adriane is a woman of faith, single mom of one, and project coordinator by day.  She currently resides in the Richmond, Virginia area with her daughter.  She uses her life experience and faith to share a word of encouragement and inspiration to whomever God places along in her journey.  Adriane volunteers with local organizations within her community such as Fresh Start for Single Moms & Safe Harbor.  Through these opportunities, she encourages others to recognize the hurt(s) and to seek God to heal those hurts as He reveals the TRUTH He has placed within them.  As a former podcaster with Storm Talk 365, on her show “Revelation of Truth”, Adriane spoke about recognizing “your” truth, overcoming and healing while going through THE PROCESS.  


In addition, Adriane is a Brand Ambassador with By Darien, which specializes in natural bath and body skincare and home fragrances.



Financial Manager, Julia Harris


Julia earned her Bachelor in Science degree in Accounting from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business in 2000.


Julia is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and was designated as a Certified Fraud Examiner(CFE) in February 2014 and was commissioned a Notary Public for the Commonwealth at Large in May 2017.


Julia also has membership with the National Society of Accountants and The Institute of Internal Auditors and over fifteen years in accounting and auditing experience . . .


  • Income Tax Preparer/E-Filer – Federal Income Tax Returns 1040’s, Schedule C (Profit or Loss from Business), Schedule E (Supplemental Income & Loss), etc.

  • Manager - Income Tax Office – Office Manager, Trainer, and Tax Preparer

  • Licenses & Tax Auditor – Business Licenses, Admissions, Meals, Machinery & Tools

  • Virginia Income Tax Auditor – State Income Tax Returns and supporting Federal Income Tax Schedules

  • Compliance Auditor - Cash-Based Organizations -  Charitable Gaming (Bingo/Raffle)

  • Fraud and Operational Auditor – Non-Profit Organizations – Misuse of Funds, Fraudulent Acts, Record Keeping, Reporting Practices, etc.

  • Manage Financial Transactions - VP of Finance and Board Member – Black Data Processors Associates (BDPA – Richmond Chapter) Non-Profit IT Organization

  • Consultant – Small Businesses -  Licenses, Taxes, Record Retention, Miscellaneous Income, etc.


Mentor Program Manager, Monique Williams


Monique Williams, MA, is the owner of Beginnings Family Enrichment, LLC located in Chesterfield, VA. She provides coaching and consulting services to strengthen individual and family dynamics. Having earned a Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family as well as a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice, Monique established Beginnings Family Enrichment, LLC to provide consulting and coaching services systemically and individually. She does this by providing training and professional services to human service based agencies, which include speaking, professional development, and short-term/ solution-focused home-based family life counseling services. As a Coach, Monique offers group and elite personal life coaching services to help women create and enjoy balance in life, family, and love!


Activities & Events Manager, Teresa W. Hicks


For almost 30 years Teresa W. Hicks has had the pleasure of serving in the vast field of education. She attained her Bachelor of Science degree from Radford University in 1984 and her Masters degree in Education from Virginia State University in 2001. Teresa is also a member of the Project Zero Class of 2007, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Since 1987 she has served in children’s ministry as a teacher, lead teacher, and as assistant superintendent of her church school. Since 1997, Teresa has been affectionately known as “Mrs. Hicks” to over 360 Richmond City preschoolers and their families in both the Head Start program and the Virginia Preschool Initiative. “It brings me unspeakable joy to know that God uses me to facilitate a loving, caring and productive environment for students and their parents to learn, be nurtured, and have a safe haven.” During this time, Teresa has served as lead grant writer on the  following funded grant projects: Partners in the Arts-$10,000.00, Walmart Foundation-250.00, First Books-2500.00, Agriculture in the Classroom-$500.00, State of Virginia Teacher Mini Grants(2 times)-300.00 each time, Children’s Museum Field Trip Funding (3 times) and Theatre IV Field Trip Funding. From 2012-2014 she served as co-coordinator for her schools Community of Caring program. In 2014 the school won the title of Character Education School of the Year from Mrs. Hicks has also trained countless teachers in professional development with Richmond City Public Schools, the State of Virginia Head Start Association, the Virginia Association for the Education of Young Children and several times for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. In 2012 Teresa, along with her husband became an ordained minister.It was a traumatic life experience in 2006 that lead her to believe that life needed to be celebrated in a fun, caring, and beautiful way. Since that time Royal Treatment Event Planning was born.  Teresa believes that women need to celebrate each other and not merely tolerate one another.



Members Recruiter & Relations Manager, Charlotte Sydnor


Charlotte Sydnor was born in Richmond, VA to Oliver & the Late Edna Hargrove. Charlotte has 2 children and 8 grandchildren who she truly adores. She has a Clerical Studies Certificate from J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College in Richmond VA, and also attended Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, VA. In Concertation in Criminal Law.

Charlotte currently is focusing on Heavenly Essentials, Beauty & Skin and Hair Industry which is a Vision and Hobby. She has traveled the world interviewing women of all cultures getting feedback on the Beauty, Skin, Hair and Detox & Diet Industry. Did years of research before she became an Ambassador for ByDarien Skincare and a Retailer For His Essynce Glory Industry. 

Charlotte has been active in the following ministries, and activities: New Beginnings Tabernacle Ministries for 14 Years-Bishop Cleveland Hill, Prayer Band, Missionary President, Ministerial Wives Ministry, Ushers/Greeters, Pastoral Aide, Couples Ministry, Altar Worker, Prepare and Serve Communion, Nursing Home and Hospital Ministry, Visit And Counsel Grieving Families, Prayer Line, Discipleship/New Members Class, Hospitality Committee, Special Events Coordinator, Armor Bearer, Intercessor and Prison Ministry, Mother of Ministry and Armour Bearer-Bishop Kenneth Kindle-City Of Life Tabernacle Ministries, Altar Worker and Help Ministry at Everlasting Spirit Ministry Pastor William Derricott.



Social Media Manager, Lisa Linkous


Wife, mother and business owner. Lisa has been in business for over 6 years. She specializes in helping small business owners set goals and to stay focused on their assigned task.

 Volunteer Manager, Gwen Hurt

Gwen Hurt, the Founder and CEO of Shoe Crazy Wine. Shoe Crazy is a wine company based in Chesterfield, Virginia. The company was launched in December 2013 as an online direct to consumer business. In 2014, Gwen pivoted to selling into retail. The online business was put on hold. There are several varietals (Sweet Harmony, Ménage a Red blend, Sparkling Peach Mango, Cabernet, Sweet Riesling, Pinot Grigio).  The wines are available in Costco, Kroger, Southern Season, Paragon Movie Theatre, Andrews Airforce Base Commissary and many wine shops, liquor stores and restaurants in the VA, NC, DC, MD and FL.

Gwen didn’t grow up under the easiest of circumstances. She was raised by a single mother and as the oldest girl was responsible for helping to raise her siblings. Her mother was mostly illiterate, but found the strength to leave a physically abusive husband. She took us 4 kids, a few dollars and a can of pork and beans and headed north! My mother’s example and courage helped shaped the person I am today! Her journey taught me to keep faith and never give up. Sometimes, we had very little to eat and only 1 pair of shoes to wear for the whole year!  Card board was Gwen’s go to product. It repaired many a worn out shoe sole.  As a kid, she always said to herself, “One day I am going to have enough money to eat until my stomach is full and I am going to buy as many shoes as I want”! Thus, the shoe has always been very symbolic in her life. It is the base that supports us on our journeys

Prior to launching Shoe Crazy Wine, Gwen worked for a Fortune 300 Tech Company. She built a Global organization and led a high performance, cross cultural team located in multiple geographic locations (The Americas, Asia, Western and Eastern Europe). During her travels she learned to appreciate a smooth glass of wine. Gwen became enamored of the intricacies of wine. Her new passion!  

In 2013 hardship struck. Gwen was downsized by the company in which she had spent 15 plus years and  two days later was in a car accident that would take her and her daughter nearly a year to recover from. During her physical therapy and rehabilitation, Gwen made the decision to “NOT” succumb to depression. She told her daughter Brittny “we are going into the wine business.”  Gwen and Brittny have been running Shoe Crazy as the “Dynamic Duo” Mother /daughter team. Brittny had planned to become a psychologist and made the tough decision to put that on hold to join SCW.

The life of an entrepreneur can indeed be very hard and crazy at times. However, perseverance, tenacity, faith and family are paramount. Gwen and Brittny firmly believe in these core values.. After all a lot of successful business have been founded due to life’s challenges and hardships and have been discussed over a glass of wine.  

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