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Peninsula Chapter​

President, Kissie Pettaway-Fox


Kissie Pettaway-Fox began as a volunteer over a decade ago with Girls Incorporated of the Greater Peninsula. Little did she know that her love for the Human Services field would flourish from the limited exposure she had with the children and families that she encountered. The seed planted through her volunteerism was the encouragement that she needed to pursue her master’s degree in Social and Community Human Services and led to a door of endless opportunities both personally and professionally. Working as a counselor for a therapeutic day treatment program throughout Hampton Roads, she began to understand the importance of being an advocate for children and families that didn’t have a voice. Her new career path led her back to where the seed had originally been planted and she began to work in the non-profit sector. Once again she found herself within the walls of Girls Inc. working as a mentoring case manager. Through the hard work and dedication she demonstrated in her mission to empower youth to reach their full potential, she positioned herself as a leader. She worked in numerous capacities while at Girls Inc. and volunteered additional hours to further assist in the growth and development of youth as well as to strengthen and nurture the leadership skills she needed to further pursue her career. It was then that she obtained a leadership role in the nonprofit sector. Kissie currently serves as the Director of Program Services and Operations for Girls Inc., sphere heading a team of individuals that provides structured before and after school, as well as summer camp programs to youth throughout the Peninsula and the Southside. As a non-profit leader, her goal is to ensure that our youth are empowered and educated to make strong, smart and bold decisions. She is a constant advocate for equality for girls and young women in an inequitable society.

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