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                Triad, NC Chapter Board

President, Myra Johnson

Myra Johnson is a professional woman, mother, grandmother, sister, and mentor to young women in the Triad. Working in Accounting has afforded me the opportunity to work 28 years with Fortune 500 companies in North Carolina. In addition, I am an EVP with myEcon which specializes in financial education for communities throughout the United States.


I love mentoring and elevating women to their full potential by sharing my life achievements and failures. My personal relationship with God drives and motivate me to be a better Myra on a daily basis. As a single mother, I vowed to my daughter Jasmine Martin that I would be an amazing mother and 30 years later, I am proud of the woman she has become. Being a grandmother is rewarding on so many levels and I love spending time with her. It my job to spoil her and give her unconditional love.


My educational background includes my Bachelor Degree in Accounting and my Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  In addition, I am a Six Sigma Greenbelt and utilizes process improvements throughout my career.


Vice President, Evangelist Victoria Holland


Evangelist Victoria Holland is a native of Martinsville, VA and currently resides in Greensboro, NC. In addition to her full-time job as a Healthcare Billing Specialist for a major cooperation, she is the Founder and Operator of Elegant Elevations Floral and Business Services; Motivational facilitator and Owner of Elevated Not Tolerated Motivational Seminars and Workshops.  She is currently completing her first book, “DIVA in Position Going Through the Storm” that will be published hopefully before the end of the year.


Victoria is the proud parent of three beautiful daughters: Kristy, Katina and Tamika all of Greensboro, NC and three grandson, Trenton, Jesiah and Julian. One goddaughter, LaTisha and two godsons Daryl and Keith.  She truly believes in the parental role and strives to be a light unto every single parent, letting them know that you can make if you put God in the forefront of your life. This doesn’t change the fact that the journey can be hard or lonely but it does change your outlook on the outcome.


Victoria, believes that every individual can meet their desires and dreams once they realize that they can rise above every situation. Through her many journeys, she discovered the she herself had not seen her full potential until later in her life.  It is with the many falls and rebuilding she learned that others need to raise above the trials and tribulation of life to be ELEVATED NOT TOLERATED.  Victoria continues to strive not only with her family and Church family but those throughout VA and NC. It is her desire to continue to speak life into people who feel all hope is gone.


She declares and decrees that 2018 will be the turn around year for not only herself but others that begin to look up and beat the odds of what statistic state. WE are not a dysfunctional society but one that needs re-adjusting and reassurance that it’s not too late to move forward to meet our destiny.


Her ministry is radical, her praise is for real and she will forever thank God for every opportunity to be a light to others in any capacity that He allows.


Chapter Secretary, 

Activities & Events Manager, Keya Jammeh


Keya Jammeh has spent several years motivating and inspiring women to live a “No Excuse” filled life.  With her Keys 2 No Excuses movement she encourages and empowers women to live healthy & to be goal driven in all areas. Her motto is “With a plan and a positive attitude you can accomplish anything!

As a mother of 4 her time is spent between family, a career as an accountant, an entrepreneur and being an active member in her community while putting God 1st. During the process of healing from an abusive relationship she discovered that exercise was the perfect way to gain her strength back emotionally and physically. Through eating right, running and exercising Keya lost 40 pounds and gained her self-esteem back.  Since then she has helped several women get healthy and gain confidence by becoming fit and active. Keya is now a personal trainer, fitness instructor and a certified nutrition coach and helps others learn how to make healthy lifestyle changes through exercise and nutrition. Keya has lead several workshops and speaks at events on topics such as living a healthy lifestyle, meal prep, goal- setting, vision boards, elevator speeches, the power of networking and much more. Keya’s passion is to help others life a life without fear, without limits and without excuses.

Keya Jammeh

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