ACHI Women Supporting Women Association, Inc.
     ACHI Women Supporting      Women Association, Inc. 

                ACHI WSWA LEADERSHIP



Rev. Dr. Juanita L. Fletcher

Chairman & CEO, ACHI WSWA

Appointed September 2013

Fletcher is Founder and Visionary




James O. Fletcher


Appointed May 2018

Responsible for end-to-end operating structure, operational excellence, competitiveness and the alignment with overall business objectives.


Taneisha Fletcher

Senior Vice President of ACHI WSWA, Creative Director ACHI Magazine & ACHI Magazine Awards



Appointed September 2013


Cofounder of ACHI Magazine. Responsible for branding the entire company, including graphic work and photography.




Natasha Fletcher

Vice President, ACHI WSWA

Host of ACHI Magazine Awards

Public Relations Director for entire ACHI Brand


Appointed May 2018


Responsible for communicating the vision and mission of ACHI WSWA to the the public.



     Regina Tyler

Chief Financial Officer, ACHI


Appointed May 2016


Responsible for planning and analysis, controllership, reporting and tax.







Kimberly Tetterton

District Director ACHI WSWA

Appointed January 2018

Responsible for districts 9 and 10.


                  District 9

Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC



Hampton Roads, VA 


Peninsula, VA


Richmond, VA

                 District 10

North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida



Raleigh/Durham, NC

Triad, NC

Charlotte, NC

Spartanburg/Greenville, NC

Atlanta, GA

Jacksonville, FL

ACHI Magazine is a product of ACHI WSWA and is used to help support the efforts of the charity.

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